Trident Leadership

Tridents CEO and Founder, Steven E. Sullivan, has over 30 years of experience working with both federal and commercial entities, helping to create value through insightful and innovative solutions, helping to achieve substantial value for key stakeholders, while improving the overall quality and delivery of products and services to Trident’s valued clients.
Trident focuses on providing measurable and meaningful services that help our clients succeed on day one. Services and client expectations are developed with clarity to ensure all team players are working toward common and agreed upon goals and objectives, that create a positive impact on the client organization and all team players involved.

Teaming Partner Strategies…

As with all small businesses, teaming is an essential ingredient in building winning proposals that lead to mutually beneficial contract awards for all involved. Trident understands that these teaming relationships need to provide a clear and transparent value proposition to the clients they support, while ensuring that as Trident performs as either prime or subcontractor, the company always provides the very best value possible in the performance of their contractual responsibilities.

Trident Development Corporation